We supply refrigeration equipment, provide maintenance and repair services.

Specialists in installation, repair, sale of restaurant equipment.



Everything in repairs and maintenance of your equipment, we have extensive experience with this equipment, do not wait any longer, contact us to perform maintenance on your equipment.

Walk in coolers

Walk in coolers

We know the importance of the efficiency of your Walk in coolers, we perform maintenance, contact us today and make a budget for the maintenance of your equipment.

Ice machines

Ice machines

Need help, it doesn’t work, it’s stuck, call us today at 602-668-5602 and tell us the problem, we will take care of it, we perform all types of maintenance to your kitchen equipment.


Maintenance services

We perform maintenance, repairs, installations in kitchen and restaurant equipment, if you need help, just call us at 602-668-5602 and schedule an appointment for the maintenance of your equipment.


Exhaust fans

It is important to clean the extractors in our kitchen area, that makes a greater efficiency of our service to our customers, leave that job to us to perform proper maintenance.

Water heaters

Water heaters

Installations, repairs of your water heater equipment, do not forget to contact us and make a budget, with a professional maintenance service in your equipment, call us.

equipos de restaurante


In our maintenance service we replace parts of your restaurant equipment, remember that the maintenance of our equipment, is the efficiency of our work, and most importantly … a clean place.

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